Arched doors

Stylish teaser for great rooms

  • Round arches

    hifng_rundbogen_1024er_01Round arch doors for special room situations

    The round arch doors are a harmonious contrast to your building that primarily consists of rectangular room situations. The door arches subtly break up this geometry and draw attention to special rooms.

    We manufacture the round arch elements in one piece to create a seamless round shape.


  • Segment arch

    hifng_segmentbogen_1024er_01In contrast to the round arch, the segment arch is not a complete semicircular shape, only one part of it. It was an unusual and popular style element in antique times that created an elegant atmosphere that enhanced living, commercial or gastronomy spaces.


  • Basket arch

    hifng_korbbogen_1024er_01Similar to segment arches, basket arches are not complete semicircular shapes, however they are manufactured with rounded corners; and of course, like everything at Holz in Form Niedermeier, in one piece.


Benefits at a glance

  • Highly precise production to your specifications.
  • Available in all standard wood types.
  • Various widths, heights, wall thickness and panelling widths.
  • Panels can be squared, round or profiled.
  • Frame beds are available in square or rounded models.

Possible profiles




Country house