The one and only solid wood

that can be bent by hand

Edeltraud Schrömer

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  • But how?

    Bendywood® is solid wood that can be processed like normal wood before being bent when dry and cold. This not only allows us to lower labour costs, it also improves quality and productivity. This unique wood is made of solid wooden blocks that are still green (beech, ash, oak, cherry, walnut and maple; tropical woods on request –  we have 12×12 cm scantlings on stock in Doussié) and is subject to a special thermal-mechanical process: as a first step the solid wooden blocks are steamed to soften the cell walls. Then the damp blocks are compressed and shortened by approx. 20% after which they are dried in this compacted form.

  • What dimensions are possible?

    The maximum raw dimensions of our Bendywood® scantlings are 120x120x2200 mm. Bendywood® can be bent up to a guaranteed radius of maximum 10 times its own thickness (e.g. a board that is 10 mm thick can be bent up to a radius of  100 mm). Thin cross-sections of Bendywood® can easily be bent manually. If the cross-sections are thicker (> 10 mm), more force is required; in this case straps, ropes or clamps are used.

  • Even bending

    If uniform radii are required or if very thick and short cross-sections need to be bent, we recommend using a roller bending machine (similar to the devices used to bend metal pipes). (We sell mobile roller bending machines).

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