Round counter fronts

To ensure that the reception runs smoothly.

  • Free shapes up to 4500 mm in size

    Individual pieces leave a lasting impression with your customers. Your counter front is a high-quality statement that makes you stand out to your customers. We rise to the challenge and make it possible: an object of unique original value!

  • Conical shapes

    Sometimes concave, sometimes convex – conical shapes have an amazing impact. We bring your objects to life.

  • Elliptical shapes

    Smooth, flowing oval curves make objects seem organic.

  • Thickness up to 120 mm

    On request, we can apply veneer to surfaces of any type of wood, or coat your object in a coating of your choice, for instance HPL, mineral materials, cork, linoleum, etc.

    More information also for Combiwood2, our innovative lightweight solution for thick moulded parts made of wood

Hans Späth

Produktion FormteileProduction of moulded parts