Large moulded parts

By and large, our speciality

Konrad Denk

Leiter ProduktionHead of Production

  • XXL moulded parts press with a pressing surface in excess of 21 m²

    21 m² for a unique moulded wood part – over-sized round forms you could say. Created from a great idea and implemented with master craftsmanship. Thanks to our highly qualified personnel and the special machines we developed in-house, we are able to create large ‘curved’ shapes.

  • Allows large moulded parts without joints

    ‘Made of one piece!’ This is what drives us. No joints, better stability and durability. This is our objective. Single entities in round shapes!

  • Concave, convex, material gauges of up to max. 150 mm

    Whether you need an ogee, elliptical profile, semicircle or quarter-circle curved wood panel, we can deliver thanks to our wealth of expertise. On request, we can also apply a top coat to the moulded parts.

  • We can also coat your moulded parts with coatings of your choice, for instance

    • veneer
    • laminate / HPL
    • papermineral materials
    • inoleum
    • cork
    • acrylic
    • leather